C&G (UK) Diploma in Culinary Arts

With internationally recognized certifications students will learn more varieties of the cooking as well as understanding the method and formula in details to produce quality food results. It is theory and practical classes with lots of hands on experiences. No prior cooking knowledge is required and our aim is to ensure that students have confidence in the restaurant/hotel or cafe industries.

Certificate in Culinary Arts by Sugarcraft Baking & Culinary Academy
Diploma in Culinary Arts by City & Guilds International, London – External
Course InformationCourse Contents

  • Minimum admission age of 16
  • Must have a good attitude

Course Duration total of 1 Year

  • Study Course: 6 months
  • (Approximately 800 hours of study) Public Holiday not included
  • Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Lesson Days: Monday to Friday
  • Field Industrial Training – 6 months
Practical Training

Students have the optional choice in the field industry training of 6 months at our facility or with strategic alliances to build up their confidents & gain more knowledge by experiencing themselves in the real industry.

  • Safety at work
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Cost control operations
  • Operation and management
  • Storage and care materials
  • Nutrition at work
  • Menu Planning
  • Cooking preparation methods
  • Cold food preparations
  • Basic pastry preparations
  • Basic preparations of salad, fruits, stocks, sauces and soups
  • Basic preparations of vegetables, potatoes, eggs, and farinaceous (rice and pasta)
  • Basic preparations of seafood products
  • Basic Preparation of chicken/poultry
  • Basic preparation of beef/lamb
  • Fruits carving show piece
  • Vegetable carving show pieces
  • Dessert making
  • Other type of food preparation: Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese
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